Addie took such a load off my plate and even though I had her for an hour, she was done in much less time! She got straight to work and did everything I asked. Her work was perfect and I can’t stress enough how quick she was at getting the task completed...accurately! I highly recommend Addie if you are looking for a professional VA who is responsive and efficient.
— Shannon Whittington, Creative Literacy Consultants
Writing and publishing my first novel, Naked and Unashamed, was a feat in and of itself and one that I’m proud of. However, I had no clue all that is required to promote and sell my book. Marketing, public relations, and attempting to establish a social media presence was more than I understood and more than I could handle. The introduction to My Amazing Assistant was one of the best things that ever happened to me and to the launch of Naked and Unashamed!

Addie absolutely lives up to the Amazing component of My Amazing Assistant!!! She has been professional in every aspect from scheduling monthly appointments, always responding quickly to my emails, sending a weekly report of the social media happenings, connecting me with others who could help me with reviewing and enhancing my website and developing marketing materials. She has diligently sought innovative ways to help me establish a social media presence and she has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and do live videos on Facebook and write shorter blog posts.

Addie is encouraging, creative, attentive, and well, simply AMAZING! She makes me feel as if I’m her only client (although I know I’m not) and I’m so glad we’re on this journey together!
— Davenia Jones Lea, Author, Naked and Unashamed
I was well overdue for an update on my resume. My time was limited & My Amazing Assistant was available for my needs. Not only was this service easy, friendly and professional.... My Amazing Assistant went way beyond my expectation for a small task for me! My resume looks phenomenal!
— C. Williams
My Amazing Assistant was incredible with helping me plan my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. All I did was give a few instructions regarding theme, menu, and budget, and My Amazing Assistant took it from there. I was given a spread sheet and links to all potential options, which helped elevate the stress of researching it all myself. I was also given coupon codes to use when placing said orders. If you are in the market for an assistant, but can’t afford having someone full time, then I suggest using My Amazing Assistant
— Sophia Delgado-Watson - Small Business Owner, NYC
My Amazing Assistant lives up to her name…Amazing! I retained Addie to grow social media followers and provide relevant content for two brands, and she did a tremendous job. Always professional, timely and accommodating, My Amazing Assistant is truly a go-to support person that consistently delivers! I am happy to recommend her to many others.
— Nia Perry, Perry Family Marketing
I chose to work with Addie over several other VAs because she had the right combination of experience, communication skills and fast response time. She assisted me on several webinars, and was very thorough in helping me put together all the parts and pieces beforehand. When the tech gremlins struck during the webinar, her quick thinking saved the day. I highly recommend Addie. She really is an amazing assistant!
— Sonya Scott
I would recommend My Amazing Assistant to any business or individual looking for projects that may require a quick turnaround time. Addie and her staff were able to meet my needs and my deadlines!
— Tamara Lewis