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My Amazing Assistant lives up to her name…Amazing! I retained Addie to grow social media followers and provide relevant content for two brands, and she did a tremendous job. Always professional, timely and accommodating, My Amazing Assistant is truly a go-to support person that consistently delivers! I am happy to recommend her to many others.


"Addie absolutely lives up to the Amazing component of My Amazing Assistant!!! She has been professional in every aspect from scheduling monthly appointments, always responding quickly to my emails, sending a weekly report of the social media happenings, connecting me with others who could help me with reviewing and enhancing my website and developing marketing materials. She has diligently sought innovative ways to help me establish a social media presence and she has encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and do live videos on Facebook and write shorter blog posts."



"Addie took such a load off my plate and even though I had her for an hour, she was done in much less time! She got straight to work and did everything I asked. Her work was perfect and I can’t stress enough how quick she was at getting the task completed...accurately! I highly recommend Addie if you are looking for a professional VA who is responsive and efficient."

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Outsource Everything – Advanced Tips for Working Less and Earning More

Chances are, when you hired your first virtual assistant, you were happy to hand off low-level tasks, such as posting to your blog, researching guest posting opportunities, and maintaining a spreadsheet or two. As you gain trust in your VA – or discover how much more efficient it is to have your virtual assistant complete certain tasks – you’ll begin looking for more ways to free up your time. 

5 TaleTell Signs it's Time to Hire a VA

No two businesses are alike, and no two people are, either, so it’s tough to say “When X happens, hire a VA.” Some people will tell you to hire one immediately even if you're just starting your business. Others will tell you to wait until you're bringing in a profit. So, basically it's more of a personal preference and what you feel is right for you. But, there are definitely some telltale signs that you need to start outsourcing.

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Why You DON'T Want To Hire A Virtual Assistant On Fiverr

Most people today, especially business owners, have heard of sites like Fiverr or Upwork to outsource their business needs. Some may have even used them to support their business. It seems like such a convenient way to get the support you so desperately need for just $5 or $10 dollars. However, it may cost you more to hire from these sites than it appears.

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5 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant

So you’ve thought about hiring a virtual assistant. Or haven’t you? In a world where almost everything is virtual, it makes sense to get business help from the online world, too. Unless you really had your heart set on giving your precious storage closet space to a new entry level hire who’ll take ages to train anyway?

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