Why You DON'T Want To Hire A Virtual Assistant On Fiverr

Most people today, especially business owners have heard of sites like Fiverr or Upwork to outsource their business needs.   Some may have even used them to support their business needs.   It seems like such a convenient way to get the support you so desperately need for just $5 or $10 dollars.   However, it may cost you more to hire from these sites than it appears.

Sites like Fiverr and the like provide business owners a one-stop-shop to support their business.  How convenient it seems to be able to hire a 'Virtual Assistant' for just $5! Unfortunately, you may just get what you pay for.  A $5 'Virtual Assistant' just won't cut it.

By outsourcing your business needs to these sites, particularly at such a low price, you are essentially ordering a menial task handler.  You may be happy with your outsourced order.  You may request more work from the same freelancer.  But you have not secured, nor will you generally, the essential business relationship you could have from an established Virtual Assistant.    

A good Virtual Assistant provides an indispensable partnership for your business.  They care about the work they complete as if it was their own and they are intrinsically concerned about your business and its success.  A Virtual Assistant will go above and beyond to ensure you are pleased and your work is accurate.  You just won't find that level of care and concern at these $5 outsourcing sites. 

Think about it this way, when you need a haircut, do you go to the person who cares about you and the way you like your hair done?  The trusted stylist who takes the time to listen to your likes and dislikes and remembers that you like the water hot, but not too hot?  Or do you go to the fly by night barbershop that will cut your hair, but doesn't care whether you like it or not?   You might end up going back to your trusted stylist to correct what the barbershop did.  You'd end up wasting time, money, and energy instead of just doing it right the first time. 

So, stop wasting time, money and energy on the wrong assistants.  The next time you need business assistance, be sure to hire a true Virtual Assistant. Don't trust your business to anything less than what you deserve.  

If you are ready for a true business partnership, contact us for more information.  We are always glad to help (we just can't cut your hair).