Why You Need A VA In The Chiropractor World

Do you struggle to find the time for all your patients? Are you feeling stressed about keeping your chiropractic business afloat? A Virtual Assistant (or VA for short) can give you that time back and bring your business more money, more clients, and more peace of mind.

Now, I know you must be thinking. “I’ve never even heard of a Virtual Assistant. Why would I trust them to help run my business?” Well, let me enlighten you into this new virtual field, and the multiple ways we can help.

The Vision of A VA

A virtual assistant first and foremost is a visionary. They notice all the little things that will bring life back into your business. As a chiropractor, your main focus is relieving the pain for your patients.

You need someone who can pinpoint the things that need change, and execute it without needing to hold their hand through the process. Here are a few of the MANY tasks a VA can accomplish for you:

  • Creating and sending out newsletters on a bi-weekly or monthly basis

  • Reaching out for reminders, following up, and making appointments via calls or email

  • Keeping your email inbox clean by responding to questions and inquiries

  • Re-working your website for easier navigation, adding new graphics, and continuous updates

  • Inputting patient information and data into your system to keep everything up-to-date

  • Creating content, and keeping up engagement for your social media and online presence

  • Taking your recorded voice-notes and turning it into a written document

  • Designing ads, flyers, banners exclusive to your brand and business

  • And much, much more!

Better Chiropractic Care

As a business owner, and someone who runs a truly wonderful team of VAs at My Amazing Assistant, we truly care. We care about your chiropractic business as much as you do. We respect the work you do to release tension and pain in the human body.

All we want to do is work with you.

As major multi-taskers, let us help take over some of those needless, time-consuming tasks so you can bring your focus 100% back to your patients.

The Perks

A VA is completely remote. This means you are already saving money since we buy our own supplies, our own desk, and our own software.

A VA works with you and not against you. We won’t bother you in your place of work. Plus, we are independent contractors. Our main goal is integrating ourselves fully in your business and creating the best possible plan for your practice.

A VA is not just an assistant, but a manager of sorts. We know how to manage our time well, and prioritize every task for a professional quality level of work.

Don’t Miss Out!

Just as you manage people’s pain on a daily basis, let us alleviate the pain and tension in your body. VAs are good at what they do, and they will help you de-stress about your business. Just give us 30 minutes of your time, and you will understand why so many businesses are switching to virtual assistants. Get a free consultation from My Amazing Assistant!