A Taste Of The Technical: Why A VA Is Better For Business

Why do we spend DAYS UPON DAYS stuck on that one goal, that one piece of the puzzle? Sometimes all we want is to dunk our head in an ice cold bucket of water and drown out the voices that say, “What do I do? Why now? Why today!?” If only you could snap your fingers, and this amazing virtual person walks in. They take care of all your troubles, your struggles, and make your business a million times better! You must be thinking, That doesn’t happen. That’s just crazy. But this can become your reality! I am willing to give a little taste, a little glimpse into your life if you had a VA.


      A VA Isn’t Normal

No one is normal. We are all weird humans in our own way. But a VA is a very unusual breed. Let’s start with this term “VA”, and break down what it means.

A VA is more commonly known as a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant doesn’t just assist you, they do ALL the background work for you. They work behind the scenes typing, responding, organizing, and creating anything and everything you can think of. What’s the catch? Well, there is none. By hiring a VA, you aren’t hiring a normal employee. Here is some good news….

  1. You save A LOT of money. The big costs of setting up an employee, adding them to your business, and even buying a desk with hundreds of dollars worth of computer software goes down the drain. You could be saving all that money towards bigger and better things for your business.

  2. A VA is a contractor, not an employee. Virtual assistants have their own business whereas others are a part of other VA businesses. Since you contract with a VA, you don’t need to worry about giving benefits, a 401K, paid time off, breaks, maternity leave, you name it! Another big super-perk!

  3. No Worries. The whole point of a virtual assistant is to curb all those worries as a business owner. A VA isn’t normal because they sense exactly what you need and what can be done to keep your business thriving and revving everything up! They are ready to save you like a superhero.

Ok. I’m ready to be saved. But what exactly can a virtual assistant do?

Super Major Multi-Tasker

Let’s be real. If a VA is supposed to be “superhero” material, you must be wondering how one person can be that good. Well, let’s dig into why.

Each VA has specialized strengths.

Here are a few out of hundreds of tasks that VA’s are able to do remotely for you and your business:

Data Entry

Social Media Management

Content Creation for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram

Wordpress Updates & Development


Internet Research

Blog Management & Response

Landing Pages

Design via Canva or Photoshop

There are multiple others I could list, but this gives you a pretty good idea. Some VA’s may be an expert at social media management and scheduling posts. Other VA’s may have taken additional training to create bold sale landing pages or websites. Sometimes they have a combination of deadly awesome skills, like website development and design. But whatever it is, they have the mad skills you need for all your business needs. Major multi-taskers.

That’s why many businesses will hire not just one VA, but a few.

One VA helps a lot, so why not use more of them? They are cost-cutting, efficient, and understand all the ins and outs of a business. Plus as your business grows, you will soon realize the tasks keep piling up.

Just let go. Let those virtual assistants strategize and help you organize your life, your business. They will comfortably complete all your tasks without being told twice, and a VA has heard it all. I need some help with writing content for my health and fitness blog….Who can set up all my social media pages, and post 3 times a day?.....I have no idea how to build a website. I’m much more of a hands-on person, and I need help getting through all the technical garble….I am looking for someone to do research for a book I’m writing. Have no fear, your VA is here!

The Super Road To Success

By now, you are convinced that a VA is the absolutely best choice for your business. But the other big question that’s looming in your head is, where can I find a virtual assistant?

Well, you don’t need to look far. Just snap your fingers because My Amazing Assistant is where it’s at! My name is Addie and I’ve grown my own personal VA business from the ground up. I value every client I take on, because I pride myself in keeping you and your business in the best hands. Schedule a free consultation with me to get an awesome sense of where you want your business to go, and what tasks you need extra hands for!

I don’t have just one, I have many virtual assistants at your disposal. Get a taste of the amazing!