VA Myth ...Debunked! "I don’t have time to hire a VA".

I hear this one all the time, and I get it! As a busy entrepreneur or business owner, your time is precious.

Does your blood pressure skyrocket each morning when you open your email to a flood of unanswered images? Are you begrudgingly posting on your Facebook page once a week just because you know you should be? Are you spending hours each week replying to customer messages, sending invoices or accepting connection requests on LinkedIn?

If you answered yes to any of those, then guess what: hiring a VA will give you more time, not less!

By hiring a skilled VA, you’re adding an extra set of hands to your business to help power through your to do list. Hiring a VA can actually help you add hours to your day. A skilled VA will be able to take these tasks off your plate and get them done without the need for constant check-ins. The whole idea of hiring a VA is to delegate what you need done, and trust that it’s in very capable hands.

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Watch the Facebook Live video replay where I chat all about this myth here.