The Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social Media is as important today to businesses as having a website.  Having an account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram increases your brand's awareness and allows users to interact with your company on different levels. Increasing user engagement and building up a loyal set of followers, however, takes time and energy.  

Small business owners can spend from 5 to 21 hours or more each week on their social media accounts.  Do you have the time to devote fully to your social media accounts for your business? How will you compete with others who seem to manage with ease? 

A skilled Social Media Virtual Assistant can take this task off your plate and fully manage your social media accounts for your business.   So if you don't know the difference between a tweet and a follower, of if you haven't developed a social media marketing plan, partnering with a Virtual Assistant is key. Here are just a few of the ways hiring a Virtual Assistant help with your Social Media Marketing:

Virtual Assistants can...

Set up Social Media Accounts
Schedule social media updates
Post relevant and interesting content for updates
Respond to social media customer questions
Create blog posts
Respond to blog comments
Create a social media content calendar
Alert you to any negative comments and respond to them

...and more!

So the next time you find yourself trying struggling to manage your social media accounts, put down the iPad, pick up the phone and call a Virtual Assistant for support.  Your twitter followers will thank you.  

Adero HarrisonComment