5 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant

So you’ve thought about hiring a virtual assistant. Or haven’t you?

In a world where almost everything is virtual, it makes sense to get business help from the online world, too. Unless you really had your heart set on giving your precious storage closet space to a new entry level hire who’ll take ages to train anyway?

Before truly considering adding a virtual assistant to their team, many business owners might simply shake their heads – how can I let other people do what I’ve only trusted myself to do alone so far?

Here’s a newsflash for you – a virtual assistant can do those administrative, errand-running, blog writing and social media marketing tasks for you, only better. Hey – we’re trained professionals!

If you’re looking for a solid list of reasons why you should hire a VA, look no further. We compiled five very good reasons right here:

1. Administrative Work is Not Your Bag, Baby

You started your own business for a reason, and chances are that reason wasn’t to drown in basic administrative tasks. From scheduling business trips to answering prospective client questions and following up with current clients, virtual assistants can take the pain in the rump tasks that you just keep putting off until it’s too late to even bother anymore. Are we right?

2. You Don’t Want to Hire Someone Full Time

One of the best parts of hiring a virtual assistant is that you save LOADS of money! With overhead costs completely nil and zero insurance benefits or vacation time to pay, you’ll get the absolute most bang for your buck. You only pay for the hours your virtual assistant works, and any good VA will make sure that every minute of that time is well spent. 

3. You Need More “Me” Time

If you find that your business isn’t growing because you aren’t focused on the bigger picture, it’s definitely time to outsource some help. Remember that you aren’t a superhuman, and shouldn’t be expected to do everything! Once you get a handle on the tasks you know you can hand off, you’ll have more time to network, more time to think about your next steps, and more time to spend with your family. Remember that tropical vacation you promised them? Oh yeah – we can book that for you, too!

4. Social Media Makes You Cringe

For many business owners, social media is considered a  necessary evil. Most of them understand the importance of having a solid online presence but fail to have the know-how and skills to maintain their Facebook and Twitter pages in a way that garners more follows and keeps interest high. This is one task you can easily give to a talented virtual assistant who thrives off of keeping your social media stats high!

5. Errand Running is Killing Your Productivity 

It’s Monday morning, and already your time has been stifled by personal errands, bank runs, shopping for home office goods and then waiting in line for coffee. By Monday afternoon, you’re too tired to do all the things you’d planned on over the weekend, and by Tuesday, you’re already behind schedule. Why not farm out the tasks that hold you back? We can do everything but buy your coffee for you (but we CAN map out a better, cheaper cup of Joe for you!)